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We help with the creation of projects in accordance with Decree 85/2020

Our company assists in the implementation of IT projects with the development of project plans, cost-benefit analyzes and feasibility studies. Within the project, we will help you develop a project assignment, manage the entire project, or analytically cover part of it.

Mergers and investments in small and medium - sized enterprises

Our company StormLevel as represents in Slovakia through the partner MCTRITON the investment fund of the company MCTRITON and other partner investment funds from the Czech Republic. We assist in the implementation of acquisitions, sales of companies, including their valuation and tax and operational due diligence.

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We are flexible

Thanks to experience from various segments we can solve complex tasks as well as individual assignments.


We are quality available

We combine thorough know-how with accessibility and precision.


We give a new look

We are looking at your situation objectively. We bring insight and innovative solutions.


We have rich experience

Although we are a young company, each of us has years of results-oriented practice.


We follow data instead of estimates

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Not goods, but deeds are what fill us

What unites people in our company is the desire to help and bring positive results. In each project, we try to combine our experience in the field of management with customer requirements so that together we can create a solution that we are happy to sign up to. What we bring are not just papers, but the real implementation of solutions into the life of the company.